Partnerships for Housing is composed of a diverse team of members and volunteers that work to provide and maintain affordable housing for people with disabilities. We are available to answer any questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Gina Gehm

Executive Director
[email protected]

 Gina serves as executive director of Partnerships for Housing.  Since 2005, Gina has worked to provide affordable housing opportunities, focusing on housing for people with disabilities for the past several years.  She believes that having an affordable quality home that works for an individual is critical to a person’s success and well being.  It is Gina’s goal to create these housing opportunities for people with disabilities.

Dennis Ruhe

Maintenance Director
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Dennis has been with The Housing Network for 11 years. He had 16 years of experience working in the apartment industry before he decided to make the switch to the nonprofit sector, which he feels provides more meaningful and fulfilling work.

Michelle Cottingham

Business Manager
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Regina Cross

Area Affordable Housing Manager
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Leslie Pennekamp

Assistant Property Manager
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Valerie Stitzel

Assistant Property Manager
[email protected]

Valerie has been with the Partnerships for Housing since 2017.  She assists tenants and providers in ensuring that they have appropriate housing and assists our tenants with housing needs.


Tom Wall

Maintenance Technician

Tom has served Partnerships for Housing for the past 10 years and enjoys fulfilling a role in which there is a great need. He would like to see us expand to serve even more clients throughout the state.

James Lambert

Maintenance Technician

James is a new addition to Partnerships for Housing, as this is his first year with us. He says he is both excited and lucky to have landed a job that allows him to make a living while helping others.

Board Member:  Role:
Megan Murray Chair
Bob Toews Treasurer
Cathy Zeiger Secretary
Desmond Maaytah Trustee
Donna Wood Trustee