Transitioning to a life of happiness and independence

IMG_0115“I love living here,” says Tina, who shares a home with housemates Carla and Ramona. The threesome has lived together for the past year, and they could not be happier.

Prior to their transition, life was more regimented and certainly more crowded — two of the three lived in a group facility, which housed more than 60 people.

In order for a smooth transition to occur, however, home improvements and modifications were required to make Tina, Carla, and Ramona’s home more spacious, accessible, and safe. Renovations were in store.

BathroomThe Housing Network of Hamilton County, who owns and manages the property, replaced the bathtub. To prevent falls, the nonprofit installed a large walk-in shower with handrails; doorways were widened, and a new door was built to make entry in and out of bedrooms more accessible.

According to Maria, who provides assistance to the three women, the new arrangement has provided Tina, Carla, and Ramona with a newfound sense of freedom, as moving out of the group home has allowed flexibility in their lives.

They now help plan their meals for the week and take on added responsibility by assisting with cooking.

“In the group home, there was no such choice, as meals were planned by the facility’s staff,” Maria says. “The move has also given them more ‘spur of the moment’ type opportunities. If they want to grill out that day, they can just go out on their deck and do it, while living in their previous home, things like that would require time and need to be approved.”

DeliquiaMoving into their new home has also given the three more flexibility when it comes to finances, as well. Instead of paying for the service of living in the group home, they now only have to pay for monthly utilities and food. It’s a much more affordable arrangement for all, and it allows the ladies extra spending money, which they’ve used to beautify their home (they love to keep it clean and decorated), and to purchase things like Halloween candy, which they passed out last year because they wanted to partake in community engagement.

TableMoving into their new home has led to tremendous benefits in Tina, Ramona, and Carla’s lives, Maria says, and the three take a great deal of pride in it.

“If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?” Maria asks.

Tina, Carla, and Ramona’s response: “Right here.”